Sasha Kenjeeva

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My sketches are a way to relax and pay attention to details that I wouldn’t notice otherwise. I find it fascinating how much we don’t see until we need to, and that transfers to a lot of other levels in life. Actually, I have started drawing (re-started, I would say, as I used to draw a lot when I was younger) when I was going through a very confusing period in my life and on one gloomy Saturday evening I felt like I had to act somehow. That’s when I decided to take my bike and go wherever I would end, which resulted in me sitting by a canal and drawing some houses. This calmed me down a lot, and since then I have tried to sketch as much as my time allows me. Also, every time I go to a new city, I want to have a personal memory of it, which is embodied by the sketch, so that is another important reason of why I draw.

In terms of technique, I just use a thin black gel pen and a notebook. I like to draw on both pages, because that makes the drawing more alive in a way, as it gives it another dimension.